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The Problem-organization-problem-more-organization cycle
March 2017

The 7 Heresies of Agile
March 2016

Three ways to improve British Productivity
30thMay 2015

The Solow Paradox - and how it's been solved
04thApril 2015

Innovation key to Scottish Government's plan
14thMarch 2015

15thSeptember 2014

North Sea a third full: challenges and opportunities
6thApril 2014

IT Trends for 2014
1stJanuary 2014

Softengines - Latest News
17 March 2013

The Wikipedia blackout - here's why
18 January 2012

The term "ICT" should be dropped - say Royal Society
16 January 2012

ICT Replaced in Schools by Computer Science - Education pipeline failing to deliver 'hard' skills
12 January 2012

The Tweatcher - Guidelines for a Web 2.0 educator
09 January 2012

Jon Bon Jovi is not dead - And the Joys of Twitter
22 December 2011

Software Craftsmanship - Softengines has now signed the manifesto for software craftsmanship...03 December 2011

Phish - Preventing internet threats comes not only from technology, but also involves raising awareness of the scams... 29 November 2011

Too much information? - Here we suggest the solution to the productivity paradox lies in better use of the offending technology... 17 November 2011

No SQL - what is Softengines up to - Softengines is currently involved in a project to create a standalone database... 10 November 2011

Open Source and 'Agile' methods gaining political support...'agile' methods of development are being favoured over 'Big bang' implementations of IT projects... 05 September 2011


Rage against the X factor - "Ba humbug I won't do what you tell me": Hits v niches - the buzz v the long tail. December 2009

Sematic Web Services - Building the global database: Project goals and motivation, last updated January 2009

The Principles of Teleinformatics Abstract... Download pdf

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